One Of The Best Audiology Clinic in Hyderabad


Hearing loss can be problematic. But Audiology Clinic in Hyderabad has effective solutions for your Hearing Loss. The Best Audiology Clinic in Hyderabad can evaluate a wide range of hearing impairments and maximize your communication potential. With advanced expertise, Their audiologists can provide the best possible hearing instrument for your hearing loss problem, including Digital Hearing Aids.

hearing test

Audiology Clinic in Hyderabad is the branch of science that studies hearing loss, balance and related disorders. Their visiting specialist offers:

  • Complete hearing evaluations: pure tone thresholds, bone conduction, and speech understanding tests.
  • Hearing aid evaluations, fittings, and service.
  • Diagnostic testing for ENT and local clinics for pediatrics, specializing in evaluating patients with hearing difficulties.

Audiology Clinic deals with identifying and evaluating Hearing loss that is associated with adults, children or infants. The Audiology Clinic provides diagnostic evaluations to people having speech, hearing, language and communication difficulties.

Their team of well experienced and qualified Audiologists undertakes all kinds of hearing loss tests and also have experience with regard to all types of hearing aids, starting from the standard to the most digital advanced option. Their expert’s team provide the solution for Hearing loss problem for the better lifestyle. The Audiology Clinic in Hyderabad also deals with all kinds of speech-related problems including language and voice problems for e.g. stammering, delayed speech and language mis-articulation, etc. All the facilities are provided in the clinic. Comprehensive assessment is carried out for each patient based on which a customized treatment is planned through the use of latest and advanced digital technology. Their well-trained specialists offer a wide variety of services like speech/language intervention, cochlear implants, and aural rehabilitation.

Hearing Loss & Children

At Best Audiology Clinic in Hyderabad, treatment of hearing loss and related auditory problems in individuals of all ages is available. The clinic works in close cooperation with a variety of specialists to offer ultramodern technology in diagnosis, electrophysiologic, and balance testing for patients with any degree of hearing loss or communicative impairment. The Audiology Clinic provides the best solution for hearing loss problem, at the cost-effective budget.

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Choosing the Right Type of Hearing Aid Device for Your Needs


The hearing is one of the human senses and it helps in various body functions like assessing distances, keeping a centre of balance and even aiding taste and smell senses. When one suddenly loses this ability, it is difficult for the person to adjust to the new lifestyle.

Hearing aids are available in analog or digital models. Analog models are less expensive than digital hearing aids but do not provide the sound quality and features that digital hearing aids do. Modern hearing aids offer a cleaner sound quality than analog models and programmed by the computer chip to achieve a high level of adjustment for your requirement.


There are several types of hearing aids available in the market. A hearing aid specialist can help you choose the type that suits you best. The closer the Hearing Aid sits to the eardrum the better the sound will be. Hearing Aids In Hyderabad is a prominent centre for all your Hearing needs.

Here are describe 4 types of hearing aids:

BTE (Behind the Ear):- The receiver piece goes inside your ear.

ITE (In the Ear):- This type of hearing aid to fit completely inside the outer ear and are used for mild to severe hearing loss.

ITC (In the Ear Canal):- This type of devices are slightly larger, so they extend farther out but remain much hidden.

CIC (Completely in the Ear Canal):-This fits down into the ear canal, requires the most precise fitting and is the least visible to others.

The environmental noise that is loud and beyond normal decibel levels can cause a person to lose his or her hearing. Airports, construction sites, concerts are all environments with very loud noises that can effect your hearing.

Hearing impairment, depending on the form, can often be treated with the use of Hearing Aids? If you thought there was just one kind of hearing aids then you are wrong, as there are more than 10 different classes. The main objective of hearing aid is to collect, magnify and amplify the surrounding sound to the user.

Determining what type of hearing aid may be a little complicated as there are many different types available. Hearing aids, in general, are simply amplifiers of sound to the person wearing it.


Hearing Treatment in Hyderabad comes across the worst case scenarios in dealing with unavoidable hearing loss. While these have their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, the best way to know for sure which one will be the right hearing treatment for you is to seek a hearing doctor. It is time you get your hearing checked.

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Hearing Aid Can Help People Hear More in Both Quiet and Noisy Situations


How to find the best solution to your hearing loss problem. Hearing problems usually occur for different reasons, it’s also sometimes hereditary and should be treated at the right time. Listening music at full volume? Stop doing that! You may soon lose your hearing ability and have to use hearing aid. Reports have revealed it’s also due to the sound problems which makes the people the victim of hearing loss. To choose the best hearing aid, it’s important to do some research on all the top options and pick the best among them. Many hearing aid stores claims to have the best hearing aids but failed to keep the promises, either the hearing aid would stop working or some other problem would happen.

Having hearing problem is a natural process when it comes to old age. But in a very rare case, it is observed among young children as well. The matter is to be taken in grave concern in this regard. If a child have problem in hearing he might be turn dumb if not treated instantly. You need to consult an ENT specialist.


Various physical complications are noticed among older people. One of such problem is hearing problem. Most people face this problem as they grow older with age. If such is the case with your parents bring home the Hearing Care Solutions in Hyderabad so that they do not have to spend the rest of their lives unheard.


A Hearing Aid in Hyderabad is a device that is worn behind the ear. It is used to amplify and modulate sound for the wearer. Hearing aids differ in size, power and circuitry. Body worn aids – this was the first type of aid. The device consists of a case and an earmold which is attached by a wire. The case contains the amplifier, battery and the earmold contains a small loudspeaker.

Behind the ear aids – this also consists of a case, an earmold or dome and connection between them. The device is attached behind the pinna. The sound is made travel acoustically or electrically to the ear. These instruments can be used from mild to profound loss of hearing. The devices are durable but you need to take the suggestion of your doctor before ordering for one. These instruments are commonly used by children who need a hearing aid that would last long.

In the ear aids – these machines are fixed in the concha or the outer bowl. They are also used from mild to severe hear loss.

In the canal (ITC), mini canal (MIC) and completely in the canal aids (CIC) – these devices are smaller in size and are fixed in the lower half of the pinna. These are not easily visible unless the viewer sees the ear directly. These aids are designed for mild to moderately-severe losses. Universal Hearing Solution clinic provide best quality of hearing aid in Hyderabad  to its customers.

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Best Speech Therapy for Children and Adults


In today’s time period there are several kids who are not able to speak and hear clearly, they require therapy so that they can speak and hear properly and can be normal human like other and can communicate to different people in society.But in today’s time, people living in society are not comfortable talking with such kids and they need professional help in their life so that they can speak and hear properly and act like normal human being. In such cases, parents are mostly affected by their kid’s problem as they have to take care of their kid all the time.

Furthermore, a parent doesn’t have time for themselves that they can live their own lives as they have to keep a proper watch on their kid so that they can help them fight for their problem, but there is a prominent clinic in Hyderabad which is known for its therapy which they offer within their clinic. They have always been confident about their therapy which they offer to your kid by which your kid can speak or hear properly without any issues. They perform various activities within their clinic by which they can help your kid to recover as soon as possible.

Speaking is an important activity to get connected with people. Since we all are humans we need to talk to the people around us. We need to express our thoughts and listen to other’s thoughts. The best way to carry on this communication is speaking. The verbal communication is very necessary when you need to know the feelings of others. The voice and the voice intonation tells very much about the person. The whole of the communication and understanding depends on the verbal communication.


Despite this, they always focus on overall development of your kid by which they can help your kid to improve themselves with the help of their Speech Therapy in Hyderabad by which they can speak more clearly without facing any issues while speaking with anyone, and they have well-experience and talented faculty in their clinic who are known to understand your kid’s problem and make sure they are able to handle that problem more smoothly. Moreover, they run several programs in their clinic so that they can help your kid to fight for their problems.


Beside this, they provide a home-like environment to your kid so that they never miss their parent and enjoy their time with their friends and learn something new in their life. They provide equal and proper attention to each kid in their Speech Therapy by which they can understand the core problem of a child and try to handle that issue more firmly. They helped many children with their problem by which they are now able to lead the normal life with their family and within the society.

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Get Cost Effective Hearing Test in Hyderabad


The hearing test is the best way to ensure that you may have hearing loss and what you need to do next. The Hearing clinic offers you best hearing test with all modern equipment and latest technology. Their audiologists assure you to give the best Hearing test in Hyderabad. Finding hearing loss is the common problem among the all age group. However, the best solution to diagnose your hearing loss is to visit the clinic of an audiologist. The hearing test is the way to ensure whether you are having hearing loss or not. It is also intended to give you an idea about the evolution of hearing aids that are suitable. Their hearing professional provide you the best hearing solution which is suitable to recover the hearing loss.


Any kind of loss in hearing can prove to be a difficult situation for a person. It has the serious impact on the daily life of a person. Clients can avail hearing test facility at our clinic in Hyderabad. Hearing Tests are conducted in their clinics at very reasonable cost. The Hearing clinic is able in offering Hearing Test Services that is in the vast requirement in the market. The Hearing Clinic ensure that their customer’s needs get filled at the earliest.


The Hearing Clinic is the well-known enterprise engaged in offering high in demand Hearing Aid in Hyderabad. They highlight the digital noise reduction system to provide optimum hearing experience to physically disabled persons. This electro-acoustic device is fitted with high performing components that fulfill the pledge of making speech more intelligible and to correct impaired hearing. Further, They provide the stock of the ear hearing aid which can be availed from us at the reasonable cost.

The Hearing clinic offers high-performance Clear Hearing Aid in Hyderabad, which has digital technology. They offer the impaired with the ability to hear clear, detailed and natural sounds, also wireless accessories boost the clarity of the sound. The hearing aids can be custom-built as per the needs of the clients and are provided in different colors that match their skin tone.

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What Happens if You Ignore Hearing Loss


Research shows that untreated hearing loss has troubling consequences that go far beyond simply misunderstanding what someone says. It can contribute to cognitive decline and a diminished quality of life.

It happens so gradually that many people don’t realize at first what they’ve lost. Voices on the phone begin to sound muffled. Conversations in crowded places become harder to hear. Even with the volume turned up, the television isn’t loud enough.


“By the time people come in for a hearing test, they often have significant Hearing Loss,” says Lee Akst, M.D., director of the Johns Hopkins Voice Center and assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore.

What noise does to us:

One in three Americans ages 50 to 59 suffers from hearing loss, according to a 2011 study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The number climbs to almost 45 percent for people 60 to 69, and it continues to rise. By the time we reach our 80s, nearly nine in 10 of us will have trouble hearing. The most common cause of hearing problems is from age-related hearing loss, called presbycusis, which affects both ears and often runs in families. But a lifetime of exposure to loud sounds can also contribute to hearing loss. Most older adults have progressive hearing loss related to a combination of aging and exposure to noise.

Most people with presbycusis first lose the ability to distinguish high-frequency sounds, such as “S,” “F” and “TH,” which are major components of speech and language. Difficulty hearing high-frequency sounds makes it hard to understand the high-pitched voices of women and children. Tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, can accompany presbycusis.

Unfortunately, most people suffer in silence. According to the American Speech Language Hearing Association, only 20 percent of people who might benefit from treatment seek help for hearing loss. And while presbycusis has no cure, technological advances have made hearing aids and other assistive devices more helpful than ever. Yet, a 2012 Johns Hopkins study found that only one in seven people 50 and older who would benefit from a hearing aid were using one.

Consequences of hearing loss

You may be aware of the more obvious consequences of poor hearing—not being able to hear alarms, phones, doorbells or car horns or understand what’s being said to you—but hearing loss can have profound effects on other areas of your health and on relationships. Hearing loss is associated with an increased risk of:

■ Mental decline and dementia. A 2013 study led by Johns Hopkins researchers found that older adults with impaired hearing had 30 to 40 percent steeper declines in cognitive function than those with normal hearing.

“Findings like these make intuitive sense,” Akst says. “Being able to hear and converse, to exchange information and ideas, keeps us mentally challenged, especially as we age. When we lose the ability to hear normally, our brains are no longer being challenged in the same way.”

■ Social isolation and depression. Hearing is an essential part of social inter- action: We confide our feelings to our loved ones and converse with friends over dinner. When you begin to have trouble hearing, you may avoid socializing at noisy restaurants or crowded events. Isolation, in turn, may lead to depression and anxiety. A 1999 survey by the National Council on Aging was one of the first reports to find a link between hearing loss and depression, anxiety and paranoia.

■ Balance. If you have uncorrected hearing loss, you stand a threefold increased risk of falling compared with people who have normal hearing. In a 2012 Hopkins-led study, researchers theorized that people with hearing loss may have inner-ear problems that affect equilibrium; a limited awareness of their surroundings, which makes tripping or falling more likely; or too much demand on their cognitive function that’s already limited due to hearing impairment.

■ Gait speed. Hearing loss is associated with a slower walking speed. If you have hearing loss, your pace will match that of someone who’s 12 and a half years older than you who doesn’t have impaired hearing, according to a 2013 Hopkins study. An equilibrium problem or the conflicting demands on your cognitive function may affect walking speed as they do balance.

■ Quality of life. Added together, the consequences of age-related hearing loss can have a significant negative impact on your quality of life. In a 2013 study in Clinical Interventions in Aging, Italian researchers reviewed 50 studies linking hearing loss to measures of social, material, physical and emotional well-being. They found that only 39 percent of people with hearing loss rated their quality of life as excellent, compared with 68 percent who had normal hearing.

■ Your loved ones’ quality of life. Being hard of hearing doesn’t affect only you; it does collateral damage to the people close to you, such as your spouse or partner, family members and caregivers. Hopkins researchers reported in the February 2015 issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Audiology that, overall, close loved ones of people who are hard of hearing experienced a restricted social life, an increased communication burden, a decreased quality of life and an unsatisfactory relationship.

The researchers found the burden may be especially hard on the spouse of the hearing-impaired individual and puts a strain on a couple’s relationship. However, they found that the partner’s quality of life, relationship satisfaction, communication and social functioning improved once the hearing loss was treated.

Better hearing aids

Although doctors can’t restore normal hearing, technological innovations have led to a new generation of hearing aids and cochlear implants that are more effective than ever. And there’s growing evidence that Hearing Aids can prevent some of the most troubling consequences of hearing loss. In a 2013 paper, researchers at Johns Hopkins found that people with hearing loss who used hearing aids were significantly less likely to experience depression than those without aids.


A French study published last October in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that self-reported hearing loss was associated with a steady decline in cognitive ability—unless people used hearing aids. Cognitive scores for people using hearing aids were equal to those with no reported hearing loss.

Our advice

If you’re finding it harder to hear lately, visit your primary care doctor or an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose and throat doctor) to rule out an underlying cause of hearing decline. Chronic diseases that affect blood supply, such as high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes, can cause presbycusis, as can certain drugs such as diuretics, chemotherapy agents and aspirin in high doses. An ear infection can also cause hearing impairment but, in such a case, hearing difficulty usually comes on more suddenly than presbycusis does.

Your doctor may refer you to a qualified audiologist who can test your hearing and recommend hearing aids precisely matched to your hearing loss. “Hearing aids aren’t a perfect solution,” Akst says. “People usually need time to get used to using them. But they can make a significant difference in the quality of life for individuals with hearing impairment.”

How Can I Keep My Family Safe When I Cannot Hear the Danger


What is that noise?” my son asked me one lazy afternoon this summer. “I don’t hear anything,” I replied. “It sounds like someone is coming up our driveway. The motor is revving. Can’t you hear it?” he practically shouts in an increasingly worried voice. He was nervous that danger was approaching. I didn’t hear a thing.

This goes on for a minute or two as I put down my book and move closer to the source of the apparent sound, listening intently. Still nothing. My son is getting more agitated so we walk across the lawn and look down our driveway. Now I can see the cause of the disturbance.

A couple of neighborhood kids are riding their motorbikes up and down our dirt driveway. They probably should have asked permission first, but there is no real danger. But what if next time there is?

Now I am scared. How can I keep family safe if I can’t hear the danger ?


Rather than be cowed by fear, I spent some time researching my options. Here are my ideas. Please add yours in the comments.

Create visual cues: Some alarm systems provide both visual and auditory alerts. Flashing lights would alert me to visitors (invited or otherwise) even if I could not hear them approach.

 Rely on your living companions: My son served this function in the earlier example. Once I knew there was a noise to investigate, I could do that and take any necessary action.

Use the security system: We have a house alarm system, but sometimes we don’t arm it. Whenever I am home alone with the kids for the night, I need to use it.

Adopt a dog or other service animal: Many people swear by their service dogs. While this is a viable option for many people, it is not for me. I am allergic.

Build a support network: Partner with neighbors to alert one another to anything unusual in the area. We should all take the time to do this, Hearing Loss or not.

Have an emergency plan: Discuss with your family where to go to stay safe in case of an emergency. This might be a particular part of the house (i.e., the basement for a big storm) or somewhere else in your area. You can read more about putting together an emergency plan here

Dwight Eisenhower once said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.” This is probably true in this case. While my plans may never be enacted, (hopefully not), I feel more confident and secure having thought through the issues and discussing them with my family. Living in fear is not an option.

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